Designing for the user: Task 1



This website target audience is for young adults to adults, male or female, who are althetes, sports enthusiasts, or people who want to get fit. The image on the homepage shows a few women out for a jog together and having a good time.

This site aims to provide these people with sports clothing, trainers and other sports equipment like the Nike+ Fuelband. It has there latest products on the front and a simple link to the shop and other sections of the site in the top navigation, making it easy to find what you need.

People coming to this site are either wanting to buy something, or they are already interested in Nike and want to see what they have for sale. I think this site gives you what you want in a simple way. Going through the site, I can say that I didnt find it hard to find anything and the latest section on the homepage makes me interested in their collection or shoes.

Keith’s Homemade Cakes


Keith’s Homemade Cakes is a very stylist website. They have a beautiful slideshow on the homepage to show the different cakes and treats they can make which link off to more information.

I think the target audience would be adults with children, adults who want to get married. Also by just looking at the site and that fact they dont say the prices, its looks to me that its for a wealthier class of people.

Anyone going to this site wants to buy cakes or treats and thats exactly what you get. Straight away you know what they can do, have a contact number and know where to pick up your pudding!

I Am Jamie


I came across this web designers site who actually studied in Hull School of Art and Design in 2008. He has a very artsy, colourful theme going on thats playful and fun.

For the target audience, people looking for design work who are quite young and playful, but still an adult. Or, people looking for inspiration like myself.

What pulls me in to this site is the header that says, ‘The usual about me info that only bored people read!’. This right away makes me read on, what a good way to pull peopl in! The who design continues to impress me as you scroll down the page, it is very well designed and pleasure to look at.

Beer Camp


This site has a very fun feel to it. If you want to go to a different part of the site by using the navigation, it zooms you through the center to the next page. Its almost like clicking through a gallery.

Since this site is about beer competitions, it would be aimed at older adults. It gives you all the information you need and team boards.



This site seems to be aimed at young adults who love to listen to music. It also has a nerdy feel to the site using an old pixalated font and a gameboy style site.

It looks interesting and is quite simple. It lets you listen to the music and listen to podcasts.

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Designing for the user: User Testing and Evaluation


First off I have to say there are a couple things I would change if I did this project again, and that would be the drop down shadows on the images. The logo banner I would have put spikes on the bottom so it looks like an actual flag hanging off the top of the page.


After some user testing, apart from having one page with slightly out of line text (not symmetrical), I got positive feedback on the whole design of the site. All the pages worked, the layout was good and everyone seems pleased about it.

So I am happy to say overall that I am pleased with the work I have done and can relax knowing others are too.

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Designing for the User – Final Outcome

Here is a link to my final finished website:

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CATS – Don’t Make Me Think!


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CMT/Photo – CD Designs

For my replica CD cover this is what I came up with:

Font Cover



Backcd-cover-backFor my second CD cover design, I came up with something like this real one:


And mine looks like:



VisComms – Advertising Research

Funny and interesting billboards that I came across:

Some interesting bus adverts that I came across:


Designing for the User – TICKETS

I will be making the TICKETS button on the website stand out more. Maybe a different colour, or a highlight of some sort. As it is the most important part of the website (encouraging people to buy tickets to come and visit), I think it should stand out. Most people who visit the site will be wanting to buy a ticket, so helping them find out how to buy one will make the user experience a nicer one.

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