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23 Oct


I looked at Google, Nike and Apple to see how they created their branding and designed there slogan/tagline.

I also looked at other design companies to get inspiration from like:

Design Timeline

We did more designs for our Brand identity of which I aptly named Rising Designs for its lightness and moving up feeling. I have a few small ideas for the logo, starting out with this one, with an arrow coming out of the letter I’s:

So, I was happy with the font actually. I like it been thin and light, but to me and others it looks like reading ‘Rsng’.

My second version of the design is this thicker black font with a black star above the letter I’s again.

This I like much better! I like the one on the left more, and if you look at it closely, you will see that there is an arrow in white around the S. Can you see it? I do want to change the star into something else, a star is so simple and boring, I want to stand out!

I tried some other shapes instead of the star, but didn’t find anything that I liked. So I created 3D text, so it looks like it pops out at you, or feels like its floating. This is what I got first:

I didn’t like the font for the designs much. I also decided to remove designs and place in a slogan instead, I thought of this:

I made a black background and white background version of this too:

New Tagline

I have changed the tagline I originally had from ‘See what we can do for you..’ to ‘Innovation, Usability, Style, Guaranteed!’.

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