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23 Oct


1. I looked at other sites that are either guilds or just fansites for Guild Wars 2. I came across (Guild Wars Den):

I like the header image that goes all the way across. Its fairly new but easy to navigate, at least for someone who is into games.

2. Next I looked at the official Guild Wars 2 website for the game:

The center image is actually a slideshow so thats pretty nice and I like the whole grungy art work effect they have on everything. They use there concept art for almost everything about their new game.


Idea 1 was to make a website for a holidays company. This ended up way to big of an audience that I have changed to another topic. Idea 2 that is my current, is a recreation of my personal website for a game. The game is called Guild Wars 2 and the site is for a guild that I own of about 60 people.


The design I had for the flight company was this:

My first design for my guild website is:

My second design is:

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