CMT/Video – One Minute Movie

12 Nov


In game footage of Guild Wars 2 – Dragon Fight
Life of the cat
Scary – Horror
Plasticine Figures – Animation

Chosen Idea

The scary idea was chosen but became really complicated. I want it to be in Little Switz in Hessle. I wanted it to be a story of murder that happened ages ago and the main character goes to find out about it, but wierd noises and strange things happen.

So instead I chose a similar simpler idea still scary but about a woman walking home in the dark. Still the setting will be in Little Switz at night. I thought that it would be good to think she was coming home from work or something and that her car beaks down so she has no choice but to walk.


In car that breaks down.

Leaves car to try call someone, but no signal. Tried holding the phone in the air for a bit.

Starts to walk into Little Switz. Camera wide to show that she is here on her own.

Camera thru eyes of a follower.

Girl panics after a while, then runs. Camera follows her feet and shaky like she was trying to film it herself.

Eventually stalker catches up with her. Grabs her and pulls her into the trees. Many short camera shots of girl crying out.

The end.



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