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06 Jan

Reading through the Don’t Make Me Think book by Steve Krug, helped me a lot during the creation of my site.

In chapter 6 on page 51, he states:

“It’s a fact:
People won’t use your Web site if they can’t find their way around it.”

So from this I decided to make my navigation as small as possible. I really thought about what people will want to see when they visit my site. So I decided on news for the games itself, an about section so they can see what type of guild we are, events so they know what we are up to, members to see how large the guild is as some people prefer small over big and recruitment so they can get in touch with us and join hopefully.

Equinox Guild Site



This is my finished site. I got some people to user test it and send me their reviews, you can see them on my portfolio here.

I have tested it in IE8 and everything seems to work right. There are no blue lines around the images or links.

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