Designing for the User – Ideas and Research

04 Mar

My chosen website ideas is: Children’s Explore a Castle & Gardens.


I will be creating a day out, holiday/trip website where people can buy tickets to tour the castles grounds and buildings. They will be able to stay in the hotel or eat food and bring their kids to have an adventure.


  • Ticket sections where they can purchase tickets and year passes.
  • Tours section to plan your day.
  • Rooms section to stay at the hotel.
  • Kids medieval adventure section.
  • Wedding service section.


Trips and holidays/days out.

Target audience

  • Young adults to older adults.
  • Couples wanting to get married.
  • Parents with young to teen kids.




I think this one looks really professional. Its got a good layout and a nicely chosen colour scheme. The homepage slideshow looks great and works well. It is easy to find what you want and is not full up with useless information.



This one has a more fun theme that would suggest a younger target audience as well as adults. Its a little less professional than the last one with ugly red text and not as nice fonts. But the actual feel of the site is good and its simple to navigate.

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