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06 Apr

So I started out with the castle icon and added a background in many different colours and added a nav bar. I didnt like this at all, no matter what colour I made it. So I moved on..


My next design is this. Because this site needs to be more about children, I had to rethink this idea as it was too professional and ‘grown-up’. The font for the header looks nice but would have some real problems if it was made smaller to go on anything else, like letterheads or mugs etc.


My current design is a rethink of the last. Having a logo that hangs over the main image that spans all the way from one side to the other.

I was thinking of having an icon for each other the nav bar buttons, but this is still in ideas stage.

I want only the homepage to have that massive image on it and having the other pages with smaller ones but more full of information. Because I still want it to look professional as well as been for children, the children’s section will display more images of children having fun in the castle events, like the one on the homepage with the young girl holding the bird at the bird show.


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Posted by on April 6, 2013 in Designing for the User


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